Tennessee Native American Day
Wednesday, 25 September 1996 - Chattanooga

All Nations, All Peoples,
One Purpose

CampCherokee.gif 9-10 am
Camp Cherokee Recognition & Memorial

UTC Scrappy Moore Practice Field
Recognizing Chattanooga's concentration camp used in the 1835-1838 racial cleansing at its former site, now the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga Scrappy Moore Practice Field on the Tennessee River.
Purpose: to commemorate the site of Camp Cherokee for the first time publicly in 100 years, to remember the events that happened here, the burials around it, and to erect a sign to mark the site.
Speakers: Special Invited Guests & Traditional Flute, Otter

ClydeBellecourt.jpg 12-2 pm
Native American Day Celebration

with Clyde Bellecourt, Anishinabe
Miller Park Plaza
We celebrate intertribal Native American culture, promote unity, healing, and oneness-of-purpose among local and regional Native American groups and supporters, bringing together people with the goal of protecting and preserving known and yet-undiscovered Native American burial and cultural sites, and invite the general public to attend.

Guest Speaker: Clyde Bellecourt, Anishinabe (Chippewa, Minnesota), a founder of the American Indian Movement and the International Indian Treaty Council, current director of the Peacemaker Center for Indian youth, organizer of the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media, currently chairman of the Board of American Indian OIC.

Other Speakers: Environmental Activists

Join With Us September 25th!

The Chattanooga InterTribal Association (CITA)
meets the first tuesday of every month at 7pm at
the TVA Solar Institute on MLKing Blvd.
Call 423. 954.2376 for more info.