TN woodpeckerMound care reflects the continued respect for native american indian ancestors and culture,
and reaffirms all our connections with the land and its history.
Mound abandonment mirrors the decay of
native american indian traditional culture and euro-american historical understanding.

more standing water standing water

got grass seed & straw?

too wet today, 6 march - the ground is supersaturated.
next weekend, saturday & sunday, 13-14 march - BIG WORKDAY - chipping&shredding the branch piles.
volunteers needed. bring leather gloves, eye protection & face mask from wood dust.

Chickamauga mound 13 february 2011
branches repiled, sorted, getting ready for shredding.

the big snow of 2011
10 january 2011 - the big snow

Chickamauga Mound

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pulgar arriba - me gusta
Chickamauga Mound is a woodland-period Native American Indian
burial mound, the oldest human-made structure in Chattanooga,
and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984
as part of the Woodland Mound Archeological District
Published: 05/22/1984 Access: Public access Is Part Of: Moccasin Bend MRA, National Park Service Subject: PREHISTORIC STRUCTURE Subject: 1000-500 AD Subject: 499-0 AD Place: TENNESSEE -- Hamilton County -- Chattanooga vicinity Record Number: 398211 Record Owner: National Register of Historic Places


december 2011 - naked
cleared & raked. 9 large trees & 2 little cedars remain.

november 2010

november 2010 - the rehabilitation begins

2010 ... overgrown

october 2010 - overgrown, neglected, "lost"

Clarence B Moore's text, Expeditions on the Tennessee & Ohio RiversMOUND ON THE BELL PLACE, HAMILTON COUNTY.
   The Bell Place, of which Mr. James S. Bell, of Hill City [now North Chattanooga], Tenn., is the owner, is just above the union of South Chickamauga creek with Tennessee river. In a cultivated field at this place is a mound within sight from the river, slightly more than 10 feet in height and 60 feet across its circular base. This mound, covered with stumps and trees, had been so greatly dug into in various parts that no investigation was attempted by us. In sight from this mound were several slight rises which we were told were what remained of mounds that had been plowed away.

- C.B. Moore (1852-1936), Aboriginal Sites on Tennessee River
(Philadelphia 1915) pp 387-388

3701 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga
3701 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga

previously known by other euro-american names: Bell Place/Bell Mound ca 1915,
Roxbury Mound - after the Roxbury Southern Mills 1967-77,
NK Mound - after NK Lawn & Garden Co. 1984-2004
presently owned by Atlantic Distributors Inc. 2010-

Our thanks to the owners of Atlantic Distributors Inc (ADI) for their support of
cultural preservation and allowing us access to clean and repair the mound.

photographs from fall 2010 to january 2011
friends of the mound: Raymond 'Digger' Ewing, Mark Tolley, Hank Dotson, Gwen & Melvin Hester, Tim Davis, Ralph & Terri Farkas,
Garnet Chapin, Nick Honerkamp, John McLeod, Andy Workinger, tom & wenona kunesh, et al.
cosponsored by the Tennessee Ancient Sites Conservancy, Nashville. Yahoo group

"friends of the mound" & "friends of the mounds" are copyright 2010,2011

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