For more information on the native
history of the Chattanooga area
, please see
James Mooney's book, Myths of the Cherokee,
and Vicki Rozema's new book, Footsteps of the
(John Blair Publisher NC 1995).

For genealogy information, check out

  • Native Net's "Tracing Your Roots", or
  • White Indian's excellent "Cherokee and other Native American Genealogical Resources".

    Please be advised that YOU have to do all the groundwork yourself or pay somebody to do it. It's impolite to ask complete strangers (like us), especially by email, to help a stranger (like you) to obtain information on your family that we know nothing about.

    Get the birth, marriage and death records of all the persons involved that you're trying to trace, eg, if your paternal great-great-grandmother was supposedly Cherokee, start by getting your parents' official birth certificates. Then start working back, accumulating all the birth, marriage and death records of all of your relatives til you find the proper link. Then focus on one person, like your great-granmother -- her family -- her parents or her children. Learn everything you can about her -- from city directories to platte maps to census records -- all the time increasing your storehouse of information.

    When you have that groundwork laid -- and only then -- do you start asking for outside help.