White Rules for Indians
I still have a poster I found among my grandfather's stuff,
given to him by the missionaries to tack up on his wall.
It reads:

  1. Let Jesus save you.

  2. Come out of your blanket, cut your hair,
    and dress like a white man.

  3. Have a Christian family
    with one wife for life only.

  4. Live in a house like your white brother.
    Work hard and wash often.

  5. Learn the value of a hard-earned dollar.
    Do not waste your money on giveaways.
    Be punctual.

  6. Believe that property and wealth
    are signs of divine approval.

  7. Keep away from saloons and strong spirits.

  8. Speak the language of your white brother.
    Send your children to school to do likewise.

  9. Go to church often and regularly.

  10. Do not go to Indian dances
    or to the medicine men.

from Lakota Woman by Mary Crow Dog
1991 American Book Award (with Richard Erdoes)

provided for educational purposes only

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