location of Little Cedar
Mountain, Tennessee

TVA auction announcement
< 28 feb 2006

Dragging Canoe Memorial
Little Cedar Mountain
25 feb 2006

TVA reviewing the
tribes' resolution

31 jan 2006

Five Civilized Tribes' resolution to Prevent the Sale of LCM by TVA
20 jan 2006

National Congress of American Indians resolution To Protect the Cedar Mountain/ Shellmound Site on the Tennessee River
4 nov 2005

TVA approves auction of 578 acres of Little Cedar Mountain lakeshore public property
28 sep 2005

Final Environmental Assessment
-Recreation Development Alternatives-
for the LIttle Cedar Mountain Tracts
TVA Dec.1996

Love's Ferry:
a significant element of the Chickamauga Campaign trail

Meigs, Rhea try
to steer lakefront development with TVA

18 december 2004

Prevent profiteers
from spoiling land,
Preserving plateau
benefits everyone

15 december 2004

NewsChannel 9
More Than 700 Acres
Up For Grabs

Comments, Pollbooth
13 december 2004

TVA Open House
for Thornton

13 december 2004

Little Cedar deal intriguing
12 december 2004

Law is clear on how
TVA may use land

8 december 2004

TVA awash in pressure on lakefront development
8 december 2004

Preservation vs. development
7 december 2004

TN Commission of Indian Affairs' resolution of Support to Save LCM
4 december 2004

Corker campaign collects $1 million at benefit
4 december 2004

TVA's core trust issue
2 december 2004

TVA's Little Cedar Mountain Development Alternatives
december 2004

TVA Landuse Action Statement
"No proposed actions"
10 december 2004

TVA revisits sale of Shellmound
30 november 2004

Chattanooga Times Editorial
TVA Reverses Course
On Development

17 march 1999

Chattanooga Times & Free Press
TVA Blocks Resort Developments
16 march 1999

TVA News Release:
TVA Rejects Proposals To Develop Public Lake Property
15 march 1999


New York Times
Pawprint Gives Hope That Cougar, Presumed Extinct, Lives
28 november 1997

Chattanooga Times & Free Press
TVA Moves Ahead with
Little Cedar Mtn Project
: Selects
Hines Interests as Developers
10 november 1997

Chattanooga Times Editorial
TVA stumbles on Little Cedar
10 september 1997

TVA going ahead with development
8 april 1997

Five Civilized Tribes
NAGPRA Policy Statement
Resolution 98-28, July 1998

TVA's "partnerships"
with Native Americans

TVA: Cultural Resources
Native Americans

TVA: Laws Governing
Cultural Resources

TVA: Reservoir Operations Study
Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, May 2004
Cultural Resources description 4.18.pdf
Cultural Resources impact 5.18.pdf

Save Little Cedar Mountain! Defense Coalition

map of the Little Cedar Mountain area

'Tract 1': the land TVA can't sell
'Tract 3': the land TVA wants to sell
'Tract 5': the land TVA wants to convert into walking paths
Tract U: the underwater area full of Native American sites
ALL land of Cultural Significance to Native Americans.

area around Little Cedar Mountain

The transformation of historic rural and agricultural landscapes
into dense and usually upscale housing developments
is the most widespread adverse impact on
historic structures and their landscapes
- TVA Reservoir Operations Study - Final Programmatic EIS, Cultural Resources 4.18.4

An increase in development would increase impacts on
historic structures and archaeological sites.

- TVA Reservoir Operations Study - Final Programmatic EIS, Cultural Resources 5.18.5

New TVA policy calls for total development of reservoir shorelines.
So much for buffers, water quality, archaeological sites, natural areas, etc.:

"Development often occurs as an indirect result of TVA operations
(recreation and industrial development), impacts on archaeological sites
are indirect because TVA does not undertake these actions specifically.

"Because total development buildout is expected to eventually occur at all reservoirs,
only the rate of adverse impact on historic properties would be affected

- TVA Reservoir Operations Study - Final Programmatic EIS, Cultural Resources 4.18-4 & 5.18-7, may 2004

TODAY: Write your comments on the grossly understated "adverse impact" on
cultural and natural resources of this proposed "total development buildout",
and send by December 28, 2004 to: Chellye Campbell, TVA
PO Box 1010, Muscle Shoals AL 35661
256/ 386-3518 . ccampbell-tva.gov

15 march 1999: TVA will no longer pursue the development of the Little Cedar Mountain project!
21 april 1999: TVA Board of Directors meeting Information Items:
TVA logo7. Approval to cease efforts to pursue the development of the Little Cedar Mountain project on Nickajack Lake ...
23 november 2004: Little Cedar, L.L.C. is requesting TVA sell 700 acres of TVA-managed land and approve the mixed-use development on Nickajack Reservoir off of Shellmound Road between Interstate 24 and Nickajack Dam in Marion County, Tennessee.
TVA logoTVA will sell the property at auction at a later date.
[the area in light green below]

TVA logo Chickamauga-Nickajack
Watershed Team

Lee J. Carter, Manager

1101 Market St., PSC 1E-C
Chattanooga, TN 37402-2801

Save Little Cedar Mountain Walk the Walk '98
flier We will walk again this year, 2005.
Same time, same place.
In thanks & celebration.
& assurance.

          t e x t   v e r s i o n          
Walk the Walk '98 - where to stay - local map

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is planning on selling/leasing 660 acres of Little Cedar Mountain, part of their federal land (obtained by eminent domain) at Nickajack Dam in Marion County, Tennessee, to a large professional developer, Hines Interests, Limited Partnership.

The Sacred Little Cedar Mountain Defense Coalition (SLCMDC) is composed of organizations and individuals who support preservation of the Little Cedar Mountain TVA land and oppose any and all development on it.

SLCMDC has organized rallies and meetings to preserve Little Cedar Mountain,
and offers these documents for review of the issue.

for more information, call SLCMDC @ 423 842.7960 or 423 624.3380
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